We're Dog Friendly!

Dogs are welcome during the Fall, Winter and Spring only.

Dogs are welcome in cabins: Virta, Karhu and Otava only.

Guests often choose to travel with their dogs. Bringing a dog is just like bringing an extra two-legged guest and the same nightly/weekly guest fee applies ($25.00/night/dog).  IF the dog policy is not respected, a cleaning fee will be charged as explained on this page.

Our Dog Guest Rules

  • There are several cabins/suites that we designate as Dog Free so we need to know in advance.
  • Dogs should be registered/checked-in and introduced at the office. Once you have settled into your cabin/suite take your dog on a walk to the Lodge. We find that this give them a "safe place" in case they happen to run off.
  • Dogs must have a current rabies vaccination.
  • Dogs should not be left unattended unless they are kenneled.
  • Make sure your dog has (and wears) a collar and id tags.
  • Dogs must be house trained.
  • Disruptive barking is simply unacceptable.
  • Dogs should be leashed--for their safety and the comfort of our other guests.

Our Dog Guest Expectations:

  • Dogs MUST be kept off of and out of the beds. We will visually inspect the quilts, blankets and sheets. We will apply an adhesive roller to inspect for dog hairs. We understand that some hair naturally "drifts" and that is expected and acceptable.
  • Dogs MUST be kept off of the furniture--if your dog sleeps on the sofa or chairs at home simply cover the furniture with clean blanket or flat sheet. If you find that you need an additional furniture cover once you arrive please ask for one at the front desk. We will visually inspect the furniture, we will apply an adhesive roller to inspect for dog hairs. We understand that some hair naturally "drifts" and that is expected and acceptable.
  • Guests are responsible for any damages to include labor for repairs and/or full replacement(s) of damaged items.
  • Doggy business--pick it up IMMEDIATELY after your dog does their business. Bag, tie/seal your dog's business and put it in the garbage.
  • Don't let your dog dig--it damages the lawns, etc. and can be bad for their health! Blastomycosis fungus can thrive in wet environments, such as riverbanks, lakes and swamps, where damp soil lacking direct sunlight fosters growth of the fungus. It is also present in areas that are rich in decaying matter, such as wooded areas and forests. Don't let your dogs dig for squirrels and chipmunks.
  • Puppies inevitably have a hard time adjusting to their new surroundings and have accidents. If there is any sign of an accident (odor or stain visible with a ultraviolet light) we will shampoo/clean the carpet. From personal experience it is not usually practical to travel with puppies. Your puppy is still adjusting to its new home and your routine PLUS it's really not a vacation for you. While your puppy may be housebroken at home (or mostly trained) that training does not usually stay set on vacation.

Warm Weather/Summer Notes:

  • During the swim season, guest dogs are NOT allowed at the beach between 11am and 3:00pm.
  • Please don't bring your wet dog into your cabin or suite. Bring extra towels and dry them off OUTSIDE before they are allowed back inside the cabin/suite.
  • If for some reason you find that you need to wash your dog, we keep a hose and nozzle on the spigot at the Fish Cleaning facility and there is hot water available inside--during the warm weather months.

Cold Weather/Winter Notes:

  • During the winter season, picking up after your dog does NOT mean covering it with snow!
  • During the winter season DO NOT let your dogs out onto the deck or patios to do their business. This includes the suites stairs, decks and patios. We will clean and sanitize the decks/patios for our next guest.

Your dog's safety and well being are your responsibility at all times.

Be kind to your dog--give them a day to settle in here at camp before you spend any real time apart from them. We know that both you are your dog will have a much more enjoyable experience if you follow our advice.

Our two-legged guests are responsible for any damage done by their four-legged guests.

If you are walking your dog in the driveway off-leash, please remember that their may be other guests walking, guest dogs walking or vehicles. Be sure that you have sight and control of your dog at all times AND pick up your dog's waste along side or in the driveway.

Veterinary Care in Ely?

The Ely area is very fortunate to have excellent veterinary care for all animals!  Ely Veterinary Clinic:

Sick Puppy

  • 318 Miners Drive East (Ely 55731)
  • 8:30am to 4:30pm (Monday-Friday)
  • 218-365-5911

The clinic is very busy. Schedule an appointment when possible or call ahead to alert the staff in case of any emergency. There is also after hours care if needed.

Directions from camp: Travel Highway 21 into Ely, cross Sheridan Street (at the traffic light), continue straight at the next stop sign, the next intersection is Miners Drive--take a right, the clinic will be on your right.

What if?

We must insist that if ANY dog has any aggressive or antisocial behavior that you kennel your pet before you arrive. We ask that guests with any dog of breed that has a questionable social reputation be left at home.

If you are not sure whether or not we would accept your pet guest here? Consider this:

  • If you can not walk your pet without a "spiked collar", they will probably not do well in a resort setting.
  • If your pet must wear a muzzle (that is not the same as a gentle leader), they will probably not do well in a resort setting.
  • If in doubt, ask Marie before you decide to travel with your pet.

What if we discover that our dog doesn't behave well in a camp setting after we arrive? There are a few local kennels in the Ely area, you will be required to kennel your dog for the duration of your stay.

Our dog was in the bed/sofa?

  • A cleaning fee at the rate of $35/hour and/or any related dry cleaning/laundry costs (quilts) to include travel time, will be charged.

We have a day guest with a dog?

  • All dog policies apply to VISITING DAY GUEST dogs even if they never enter a cabin or suite and they MUST be leashed AT ALL TIMES. A day guest dog that accompanies a two-legged guest while visiting a registered camp guest.
  • Dog guest fees are automatically applicable, regardless of the length of your visiting guest's stay, if the guest dog is brought inside. If your day guest does not check-in at the Lodge to pay their charges, it will automatically be added to the registered guest's account.

Scoop the Poop!

  • Guests will automatically receive a $15 clean up and disposal service fee. This fee also applies if any waste is thrown directly into a garbage can in an unsecured bag.

What If There Are Damages?

  • Tell us--we dislike surprises and we don't enjoy the task of bringing it to your attention. Guests will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs.